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ATTENTION!  -  Free Delivery in the Seattle Metropolitan Area while Stay-at-Home orders are in place. Call/email/text per our Contacts page below.

:Nota Bene Cellars, Ltd traces its legacy from the Négociant, a French winemaker who sourced grapes from disparate growers to craft a wholly unique wine not available to standalone vineyards. The Négociant grew in notoriety by pinpointing the finest grapes and showcasing them as varietals or crafting them into an elaborate and unique blend.

In four decades of winemaking, Master vintner Tim Narby has perfected this practice in the Pacific Northwest, highlighting the varietals and blending intricate gorgeous wines known for their big flavor spotlighting the under appreciated and sophisticated Washington grape varieties.

Narby has walked the vineyards throughout the Yakima and Columbia River Valleys. Whether your preference is a grape from Red Mountain or the Rattlesnake Hills, only the finest Washington grapes are considered for :Nota Bene.

Come enjoy the finest of what Washington has to offer.

Go Big:Go Washington.

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:Nota Bene's wines are available in stores and restaurants throughout Washington State, on-line, or by visiting the :Nota Bene Cellars Winery in Seattle's South Park neighborhood.

:Nota Bene strives to be open at the winery every 2nd Saturday of the month from 1:00-5:00. However on occasion we must go on an exotic vacation or attend a once in a lifetime event. Please forgive us if we miss you. Call/text us to be sure or to make an appointment.

You can also find our wines at The Tasting Room of Washington at Post Alley near the Pike Place Market.

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Upcoming Events

We are offering Free Delivery in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. Call/email/text per our Contacts page below.

Wine Tasting at :Nota Bene Cellars
Saturday, May 7, 1:00 - 5:00 pm  
Please join us in tasting a host of our current favorites at the winery. $15 for non-members. $5 refunded per bottle purchase.Tasting is included with Wine Club membership.
Event Location: :Nota Bene Cellars

Bordeaux 2022 River Cruise
May 15 - 25, 2022
We are signed up and ready to cruise the rivers of Garonne and Dordogne, which define major portions of the Bordeaux growing region. There is so much history related to wine and food to explore in France what a better way to go than on a river cruise in May. Let's hope the weather is perfect, but cloudy sky days are great for museums and wine tasting. Please review the trip itinerary and contact us to save your space. Explore Bordeaux with :Nota Bene

Release Party at :Nota Bene Cellars
Saturday, June 11, 1:00 - 5:00 pm  
Please join us in celebrating the release of our 2019 Vintage red wines. This is one of our biggest events of the year and the  designated time for Futures and Founders Club members to taste and choose their pre-purchased cases of new release wines.
Event Location: :Nota Bene Cellars