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2006 Miscela : Washington State

Nota Bene

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True to the spirit of this wine…Miscela is Italian for “blend”…we see how grapes from many different vineyards can come together to make a satisfying Bordeaux blend. More new world in style than our Abbinare blend of a similar concept. Our first vintage that’s Cabernet Franc heavy… yum, yet followed closely by lots of Cab and Malbec. This wine is a touch of the exotic, lots of fun to drink. We call it Washington State in a glass…

42% Cabernet Franc (28% Chandler Reach Vineyard, 14% Kestrel View Estate Vineyard)
32% Cabernet Sauvignon (28% Champoux Vineyard, 4% Conner Lee Vineyard)
17% Malbec (Verhey Vineyard)
9% Merlot (Conner Lee Vineyard)

Bottled on 7/13/08; 175 cases were produced. This wine was aged for 21 months in 50% new French oak barrels by Saury and Vernou. The balance of the barrels were once used French and American by Magrenian, Saury, and Vicard.

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