Intrigue Chocolate - Lavender, Coffee, Long Pepper Bar

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Intrigue Chocolate - Lavender, Coffee, Long Pepper Bar

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Here are some nice words about this Intrigue Chocolate bar from Aaron and friends. 

Deep breaths. Endless fields of purple. Sipping a dark roast. Suddenly some spice. Is this nirvana? Whatever it is, stay as long as you can.

Lavender, Coffee, and Long Pepper is lost in a daydream, and loving it.


After 16 years of making chocolate ganache truffles, we’ve identified a few flavors that tend to get big responses in the Pacific Northwest. Many of the ingredients are grown across the world but their flavors are familiar to this region. If you are familiar with the PNW, we encourage you to taste the chocolate and reflect on your own experiences. If you are unfamiliar, taste the chocolate and imagine what memories you might make here. Would you hike in the forests on the steep slopes of Mt. Rainer? Drink coffee in a café window and watch the rain? Kayak with friends and share a beer on the lake? These are the moments that inspired us.

Each bar is made with a spice blend of the listed flavors. The base chocolate is 70% dark. Percentages on the package reflect the final percentage. 100g/3.6 oz. of scrumptious chocolate. 

**NB: If you are shopping vegan, please note that this bar does contain white sugar.

***NB: Shipping - We can only ship chocolate bars bundled with a wine purchase. We recommend you ship 3 or more bottles when weather permits. Please ask if you are in doubt.

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